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About Our Services

Gardens are an extension of our homes. They add beauty, peace, and comfort to any outdoor space. But they’re only beautiful if they’re properly taken care of year round. For that, we offer complete landscape lighting and irrigation services.

It’s a joy to illuminate your spaces while respecting the surrounding environment. Artificial lighting shouldn’t be distracting, but it should make your space look and feel romantic. With the right landscape lighting, you can create natural-looking moonlit shadows, or simply use a diffused glow to make a walkway safer.

Irrigation is an important step in maintaining your beautiful landscape, but it needs to be done correctly. Your irrigation contractor needs to know how to maintain both turf and ornamental plants. Too little or too much water can create costly replacements and unsightly landscapes.

Our Services

Landscape Lighting

Enhance the beauty and safety of your outdoor space while providing functional lighting.

Sprinklers & Irrigation

We’ll maintain your systems like sprinklers to ensure that your lawn receives the necessary water it needs to thrive.

Water Features

Water features, such as fountains and small ponds add a serene and peaceful ambiance.

Our Promise

Our company always makes sure that our services are performed to the highest quality, every time. By taking great care with our irrigation and lighting services, we at Town Farm Landscape can help clients create beautiful, healthy, and sustainable outdoor spaces. Our work involves performing an initial review, then developing a customized irrigation and lighting plan. If you’re looking into irrigation and lighting services for your landscape around Rhode Island, look no further.

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